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3 + 1


With its 4 projects completed since 2017, Astorium has demonstrated not only a track record of successful projects developed quickly, but also our credibility with all its stakeholders. A confirmation of this conclusion is also the fact that for each project all the stages, from approval to sale, were carried out quickly, which made this performance possible.



Not a few have placed their trust in us. And because we know that our main source of new customers is referrals, we’re doing everything we can to increase that number, and more importantly, to increase the satisfaction of those who make it grow.


tens of thousands of m2

of green spaces

Our experience is measured not only in years, or in number of projects, but also in square metres built. The total surface area built by us is about twice the size of the People’s House, the building that today houses the Romanian Parliament!


MP² of built area

We know that a community is defined not only by the quality of its living spaces, but also of its public ones, which is why we are investing heavily in the quality of the parks in the neighborhoods we build, allocating generous areas for them.